Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Typical Saturday?

Hope the beginning of winter is treating everyone OK. Its been chilly here which makes you realise that summer is over and its time for casseroles, soups and woolly socks.

Well the up and coming challenge over at Journaling Junkie is to journal about one weekend day. Make sure you pop over on 1 June to check out what is required and the prize pack.

I decided that I would take photos this Saturday and journal a typical Saturday. Everything was going normally until we got invited to go ice skating with a bunch of kids and parents. Alina also received a birthday invite for next weekend!!! We need a present. So a day of housecleaning turned into a fun iceskating, shopping and afternoon tea day.

The journaling says

"Saturday 29 May 2010. It should've been a typical Saturday of housecleaning, dance lessons and a game or 2 with the girls. The morning went to plan then it all changed. We got invited to iceskating and Alina received a birthday invite for the next weekend. So the afternoon was jam packed with iceskating and present shopping. Wish every Saturday was the same.
1. Do the dishes
2. Wash the clothes (raining today so hanging inside)
3. Dance lessons - Alina
4. Prepare pumpkin soup for night's dinner
5. Iceskating!!
6. Present shopping - bought mini kitchen sink and accessories
7. Dinner - soup
Followed by 6.30pm family movie on Prime TV - Toy Story then Toy Story 2"

I hope you like. Its a bit different from my normal style, bit more rustic and not so structured. I actually got to use my Glimmer Mist for the first time and that was exciting.

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Angie Bailey said...

WOW! I love this Cindy, great design and love the little pictures of the days events. Might have to think about pumpkin soup tonight:) LOL

Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Mwah Angie xox