Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Girls are Characters!!

My girls can be sooo funny, especially the little one. Last night I whipped up these 2 layouts, which both show Alina's very loving and caring character.

I know what you're saying, 2 layouts in one night! Yes, I amazed myself. They were both kept very simple as I really wanted to do these photos as they had been sitting there waiting for me to scrap them for a while.

Hope you like.


Journalling says: "What a beautiful loving relationship! Alina adores Cooper and Cooper allows all the cuddles and baby play."


Journalling says: "Alina just loves her babies. She lines them up for -feeding, -sleeping, -school, -loving. Each one is special to her."


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, these are both adorable layouts, love the embellishing, and thankyou for your lovely comment.

Carole xx

Renee Dowling said...

Hi Cindy,
I love both of these Pages - simplicity is a good thing - sometimes less is more ( that's my motto,- most of the time - LOL!) The detailed pics are gorgeous too.
Thanks for all your kind words it is lovely to meet you!

Helen Tilbury said...

Love that shiny heart & the dolly layout will be such a great memory ;-)