Saturday, February 13, 2010

Organise - Journaling Junkie Challenge #74

I just completed my DT layout for Journaling Junkie's Challenge 74 which will be posted shortly. This challenge was to journal about one of your talents and how it affects the people in your life. So get your creative juices flowing and check out this blog. The challenge will be posted very shortly (next week?)

Well I decided to do a layout about how I organise our lives and how the girls love knowing what is coming up and where they have to be.

Because of the topic I decided to structure the layout and cut out these great shapes. They are created from squares and I used a corner punch to remove the opposite corners. I think they'll be great as leaves too but I love the grid effect. The left hand side of the layout has a calendar, which is what I organise so it was a great embellishment. I also love the Kaisercraft rubons, they are fantastic and I love them under my grid and journaling block. They add a bit of dimension.

The journaling says:
"Is it a talent or a skill? I need to ORGANISE - usually our lives. Appointments are made well ahead of time, calendars updated, weekly schedules written on the fridge for all to see, and reminders given constantly to the girls. We all know where we have to be on any given day.

The girls relish this organisation. Alina counts down the days to appointments, holidays, her swimming and dancing lessons etc. She doesnt stress about appointments and is well prepared for what to expect. Kelsey is the same and since doing this the household runs more smoothly.

Steve, well... it mostly relates to the girls but if his is needed he can plan ahead at work instead of rushing out. Now I just need to organise the cupboards."

I hope you like and I hope you pop over to Journaling Junkie to give the challenge a go. There is a prize RAK!!


Rachael said...

oh wow this layout is so effective - I love it :)

Helen Tilbury said...

I can't believe it - mine is also about ORGANIZING!!! I guess that's what us mum's do best eh?! Mine is ab out organising the cupboards, etc, alot better at that than organising our schedules I have to admit!