Sunday, September 27, 2009

October 09 Online Freebie

I know its a bit early but better now than a lot later.
For this month's Online Freebie I would like to introduce you to a site that offers you thousands of Titles for your scrapbook layouts or cards. If you are stuck for an appropriate title then visit this site and search through the categories and I am sure you find one, if not many.

The Perfect Title is at


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, I googled Bruce and the Beanstalk and came up with your blog! I am the teacher librarian at Moruya Public and am after a copy of the book that Bruce and the beanstalk came from . Can you pls give me the name of the school so I can contact the librarian there to arrange for her to scan it or fax me some plays out of it. I cant get a copy of the book anywhere! Christmas concert coming up. My email is thanks so much, Rose Hawke

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Hi Cindy
Thanks for coming by my blog and for your sweet comment. I'm so glad you did, not only because you're the first Australian to comment, but also because thanks to you I've now discovered The Perfect Title. I am always in need of help with titles. I often leave layouts unfinished for days while trying to find the perfect title.
I also want to ask you: how do you get your photos on your blog so that you can't click on them and make them bigger? I'd like to do that but don't know how.