Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a week!!

Well actually, what a month!! Firstly and most special is my baby turned 5 on Wednesday and the big party is tomorrow. She is looking forward to it and seems to be continually on a sugar-high. The day has been spent making cakes, chocolate crackles, jelly cups, rocky roads, fairy bread, sandwiches.... and sooooo much more. Everything is planned and ready to go for tomorrow. And I am exhausted before the day even begins. 14 five year olds (and their parents of course).

Other big event for the month was that I decided that I had had enough of my work, and quit with my last day being Thursday just gone. And I start my new job on Tuesday. I am back into the office and out of retail, thank god. Retail can be so tiring, draining and the female dominated environments gets to be a bit too much. I am actually going to a male dominated environment now, specialising in hotwater systems, grid feed electricity and bamboo flooring. I will be coordinating the installation of products, chasing monies from customers and organising all the different tradesmen involved. It is quite a busy place as I have already spent 2 days with them. There will be 4 Coordinators when I start and its non-stop.

So I can only assume that my blog will suffer again, but at least I wont be working weekends anymore, so you never know, more scrappin time might be available.. Anyway 10.30pm and must go to bed to get ready for tomorrow's party.


Helen Tilbury said...

Hope the party all goes well for you Cindy. Your new job sounds like such fun. Interesting & exciting work but also exhausting from the sounds of it. Don't know how you find the time to scrap & blog at all. My maid is back on Monday & the last month has left me feeling wrecked!!! The kids ended up helping out alot but wow it is hard to keep up with everything yourself & I now have a part-time job too & with teenagers now they are out half the night every weekend & we have to do the lifting - so that is another job in my opinion!

topkatnz said...

Best of luck in your new job Cindy - retail can be draining sometimes! Hoping the party goes down well too.