Saturday, July 11, 2009

Online Freebies

There are so many freebies offered on this wonderful thing called the internet. For scrapbookers there are tutorials, fonts, quotes, sketches, digital elements, and so much more.

Because of this I have decided to start a monthly segment called 'Online Freebies' where I will showcase one of the millions of freebies available. I will post this at the beginning of each month and have it available at the top of the right hand side of the blog.

This month I have decided to highlight the 'Gilligans Island' font available from It is a great fun font. Useful for titles and for fun journaling. Check it out for yourself at You can download directly to your computer from this site, either for Windows computers or Macs. The sample font on the right hand side of the blog is also a link to this font's site so just go ahead and click.



Helen Tilbury said...

What a great idea...I don't generally get a lot of freebies because I don't want to add anymore sites to my expansive list I follow!

Kathleen Glossop said...

Hi Cindy! Just had to drop by and say thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog :) You have a beautiful style! So jealous of your handwriting too, lol.