Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honest Blog Award

I have been offline for a while and decided to check out my fav blogs tonight to find that Angie had given me this Honest Blog Award. Thank you.

So here's what I need to do:

1)To post 10 honest things about myself and post the award on my blog.
2)To give this award to some people who follow my blog.

So here's my 10 things
1) I miss my mum every day
2) I am proud of how my girls are growing up - better than me at that age
3) I hate housework - tidying is OK but the rest is YUK
4) I hate a messy house (surprising considering no.2)
5) I love taking my layouts to work for 'Show & Tell'
6) I hate being overweight but I hate dieting more
7) When I see my kids get awards or are in school plays I get tears in my eyes
8) I love reality TV - Masterchef, Dance, Australian Idol, Biggest Loser
9) I love ME time - scrapping, haircuts, even working
10) I used to represent my high school for discus and shotput, and netball.

Now, I would love to pass this award to these lovely followers

Have a great week.


Stefanie said...

That is so sweet. Thanks so much.

topkatnz said...

Cool list.

Helen Tilbury said...

I'm with you on the housework, the dieting, the reality TV & the me time...why don't you live closer???!!! Thanks for yet another award Cindy - you are too kind - I have posted them both on my blog today ;-D