Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great News x 2

We have had such a busy few days, with such wonderful things happening.

Firstly, Kelsey had her swimming carnival on Tuesday. This was her first carnival as it was only open to years 3 to 6. Well I took the day off work to cheer for my DD. Glad I did, because if I didnt she wouldnt have gone in any event, except the novelty races. She attends Swimming Squad and is a great swimmer but doesnt have the confidence or the competitive nature for racing. Anyway I convinced her to go in the 25m freestyle (really for kids who cant swim 50m). Well she won it easily, and then caught the bug. She went in the 8 year old 50m freestyle and won that too!!!! After that she entered the Junior 50m breaststroke which was open to 8, 9 & 10 year old. She came 2nd in her heat and then came 5th in the final. I am probably the most proudest of her for this race because she went in it against 10 year olds, and she didnt let her lack of confidence overtake her. She also didnt let the fact that she came 5th affect her, realizing she was racing against 10 year olds. Finally the house captain asked her if she would be in the Junior Relay (8, 9 & 10 year olds) She was so excited about this and felt so special. Anyway she was the last racer and her team won. She was over the moon that she had helped her team win, and being the last swimmer made her feel even more special.

I am so proud of her, not that she won races, but that she overcame her fears and had a go and actually realized that she does have a swimming talent.

On Wednesday she came home from school, jumping out of her skin. She has been picked to represent her school at the District Championships for the 50m freestyle and the Relay. Wow!!! This will be on Friday 20 February. What a great confidence booster for her!!

Anyway, the other fantastic news is that on Wednesday night I received an email from Scrapbook Creations and they want to publish one of my layouts. I was and am over the moon. The layout is called 'Jetty' and will appear in Issue 67.

So when things settle down I will try and get some photos of the carnival up on the blog.

Thanks for spending your time here with me today.


Helen Tilbury said...

Hey Cindy! Am I just being dumb or what???!!! I can't find the challenge you said you had up for me on your blog - sorry...I will read your post when I am next on line 'cos am rushing to get kids from school right now. Sounds like you have had one busy week:-)

Helen Tilbury said...

Wow, that is great news! WTC Kelsey!! So do we get to see this great layout or do we have to wait 'til it's published??!! Well done ;-)